BIS Benefits’ Ray Bachman on Healthcare Consumerism Radio

Ray Bachman, BIS Benefits president, is a featured expert panelist on Healthcare Consumer Radio.

May 2012 – Employee benefits have experienced significant changes in recent years, and in this interview with Healthcare Consumerism Radio, BIS founder Ray Bachman reviews some of the important advancements and changes in the health insurance industry.

Ray notes the current shift away from focusing primarily on deductibles and co-insurance to ‘healthcare consumerism,’ the process of educating employees, helping them better understand—and take control of—their medical insurance premiums and related costs. Empowering employees with this knowledge is the key to successfully implementing ‘consumer healthcare’ in any company or organization, and he recommends starting the process of sharing this information with employees at least a year in advance.

In the interview, Ray advises companies to take it one step at a time, not attempting to force employees to adopt a consumer mentality all at once. “It is a step by step process,” he states, “perhaps beginning with a Health Savings Account option for employees.” Ray suggests introducing just one or two consumer healthcare products at an initial open enrollment meeting. Participation may be limited the first year, but typically grows in subsequent years as employees begin to really grasp the benefits.

Listen to the Healthcare Consumerism Radio Interview:
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