BIS Benefits Named to the Top Ten Healthiest Employers list of the Atlanta Business Chronicle

BIS Benefits Atlanta's Healthiest Employers List Atlanta Business Chronicle

Atlanta – February 21, 2014 — BIS Benefits has been named to the Top Ten Healthiest Employers list of the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

“Any company of any size can enjoy a well-designed wellness program,” said Jack Bruce, the chief operating officer. “We’re happy to show anyone how.”

Mr. Bruce credits the firm’s wellness coordinator, Marla Mohr, with implementing the firm’s Quarterly Wellness Challenge.

BIS hosts “Lunch & Learns” for employees to learn about nutrition, coping with stress, and other health topics. Break room snacks offer healthier choices; reimbursements for gym memberships and exercise classes are available; and employees are equipped to fight the spread of germs through participation in Kimberly Clark’s program, The Healthy Workplace Project.

“Marla has helped transform the culture at BIS,” said Mr. Bruce, a human resources and employee wellness expert. “With the wellness challenge, we’ve made our healthy, active approach a business strategy – and our people have embraced wellness as a lifestyle.”

The approach has been popular inside and outside the office. Points are earned for eating balanced meals, creating healthy hydration habits, and increasing physical activity. Employees can convert the points to dollars in order to make purchases that support healthier lifestyles.

“Over 75 percent of employees received money for new walking, running, cross-training, or tennis shoes,” says Ms. Mohr. “That simple act encourages everyone to bring these healthy habits home to their families.”

Wellness programs across the country have been praised for cutting healthcare costs and reducing insurance premiums. But BIS aims for a broader impact.

“Increased productivity at work depends on our lives inside and outside the office,” says Mr. Bruce. “Overall wellness of our wonderful employees is the goal — a lower cost burden on the bottom line is just an added bonus.”

About BIS Benefits

The locally owned employee benefits brokerage and consulting firm serves over 350 small businesses and non-profit organizations in metro Atlanta and around Georgia with insurance and wellness solutions. BIS Benefits has been known for outstanding value and service since its founding by Ray Bachman in 1997.