BIS Benefits Employees Share Their Expertise

Below are links to resources where our employees share insight on Healthcare, Human Resources and Employee Benefits.

Consumer Healthcare Radio with Ray Bachman

Investing In Lives by Ray Bachman

The Most Overlooked Critical Piece of an Employee Wellness Plan by Jack Bruce

The Perils of Mitigated Speech by Jack Bruce

Three Powerful Reasons to Include Physical Exercise on Your Resume (Wellness) by Jack Bruce

We Do HR Too! by Jack Bruce

What is so Attractive about CDHP to Your Employer? with Ray Bachman

What Seinfeld Teaches Us About Employee Appreciation by Jack Bruce (Also appearaed in the Gwinnet Chamber HRMA newsletter, May 2012)

What Sophisticated Employers Know (Wellness) by Jack Bruce

Warning! Don’t Let Your Employees Read “Love Works” by Jack Bruce

Yes, There ARE Employer Wellness Initiatives that Bring Immediate Results (Wellness) by Jack Bruce