Brian Durham

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Brian Durham

Vice President

Brian Durham’s route to BIS Benefits (BIS) in 2003 was unique. His mother worked for a client of BIS and was impressed with the way the firm conducted business. Upon her son’s graduation from the University of Georgia she inquired if there might be an opening at BIS. An opening was created and Brian joined the team.

Brian’s first role at BIS was as a Marketing Associate. Two years later after obtaining his Georgia Life and Health License he was appointed to a sales role for individual and family insurance and eventually to the Account Executive position.

Brian leads a team assisting individuals, families, and group employers in finding the right insurance. This includes a client base of nearly 250 group clients and over 500 individual and family clients. Brian works closely with his clients, helping them navigate the waters of insurance and find the plan that best meets their specific needs. His primary focus is helping employers and families keep their premiums low while simultaneously ensuring all clients are enrolled in the most competitive benefit program.

Brian understands every situation is not the same. “My job revolves around unique situations on a daily basis,” he says, “whether attempting to keep premium costs down, while at the same time increasing benefits for a client, or helping find the right program to meet their medical history needs. We work with various insurance providers in Georgia, often times understanding that the right plan option may not be the same for each client. We find it beneficial to our clients to ‘shop the market,’ ensuring that we place the client with the right insurance plan based on their needs, desires and medical history.”

As a result of Brian’s careful and skillful analysis of the market, he and his staff have been able to save clients significant dollars on their monthly premiums, while at the same time increasing their benefits.

Brian graduated from the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business with a Bachelors of Business in Marketing. On the  homefront, Brian and his wife are parents to a son and two daughters and reside in Suwanee, Georgia. They are active in various ministries at Johns Creek United Methodist Church where Brian leads an adult Sunday School class. He also enjoys the outdoors, including hiking, camping, biking and, of course, UGA football.

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